KAK Hot is a South African show with Hot Wings and even Hotter Tunes!

Watch as our Hosts, Shaldon & Greg, interview some of the Hottest South African Artists whilst they test the Artists limits on the Scoville Scale.

Plus we have more! Check out our episodes that we have with our suppliers of these fantastic hot sauces!


In this episode, we do a special Cross – Over Episode withb Chilli King and we see how he does with the sauces!


Johnny Hexburg - Chocolate Fatalli

A surprising burn with sweet undertones.

Rooibaard - KwaadBaard

Definitely klap a brandy before you try this hot sauce out

Johnny Hexburg - Savory Biltong

Bra, biltong is life!

Mascoville - Original

A lekker sauce with lekker flavour

Johnny Hexburg - P Three

This sauce is so hot, it makes you swear the P word three times.

Dr. Trouble - Lemon Chilli

A great smokey lemon flavour

Wushini - Reaper

If you know what the Carolina Reaper is all about, then you know what this sauce is all about!

Jissie Sussie - Perilous Peach (Revenge Sussie)

Our only chutney type of Hot Sauce on the show!
What a treat!

Cook's Cabin Lowveld - Ghost Reaper

Another lekker Peri Peri sauce that will leave your nose running!