Point 4

Johannesburg, Gauteng

Point 4, a heavy hitting Drum and Bass DJ and producer out of Johannesburg South Africa. His journey to the underground began like many others, attending his first rave in 2006 he instantly decided this was the scene he belonged in. Having cut his teeth in the club scene he quickly established himself as one of South Africa’s staple Drum and Bass DJ’s. Having featured at almost every major club night and festival in South Africa, his creative doubles and quick, technical mixing have seen him bring some of the most memorable sets to local stages. His hard work is evident in the list of well known artists he has supported such as A.M.C, Kasra, Joe Ford, Total Science, Insideinfo, James Marvel, Anngree, Jessie G and MC Fava. The past year has seen Point 4 focus heavily on production, developing a unique sound and refining the technical elements of his productions. With previous releases on Rubricate Records, Yucatech Recordings, Chooose Records (NY) and Sony (Dubstep), the coming months will see releases on more local and international labels. 1 5th of the promotion force behind Propaganda 011. Point 4 and the crew pride themselves on delivering the best possible and most accessible Drum and Bass rave in South Africa!

POINT 4 jumps onto our KAK HOT Show:

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